Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sleigh Bells Ring....

Well it seems like the very second we were done eating our Thanksgiving meal at my mom's new home here in KY, the girls were asking when we could put up our Christmas decorations. I had been avoiding bringing this up with them this year because we are going to be spending Christmas in California this year with my Grandma and Charley's parents and all our other relatives and friends that we miss dearly, so I was not sure what I was going to do. Needless to say, their little eyes just touched my heart too deeply not to put up some things, however, the big tree did not come out & I have not made up my mind on how far I am going to go on the outside of the house, but that can wait til next weekend! I decided this year to just do some simple vignettes on the mantle, the pink buffet, somethign pretty for the cofee table, and one one the low china cabinet that is in our entry. In the setting above I placed some vintage mercury glass beads in a crystal bowl and placed 3 of my vintage blown glass santas that are no longer in perfect condtion, but that I cannot part with. I placed the bowl on a silver tray with some candles and lots of pretty vintage pink glass ornaments and it just looks gorgeous on my cofee table.

The mantle above is simple, but I love winter whites and soft pastels at Christmas, and this year I left ALL the reds upstairs in the attic. My dearest friend Tracy sent me these gorgeous white feather trees as a gift this year, and I LOVE the way they look on my hearth. She is so generous in every way, but her friendship is my greatest gift!
On the pink buffet shown here above, I just put some pretty winter fruits in one of my favorite antique bowls, and I love this vintage white feather tree that I adorned with vintage mercury beads and some pretty blown glass birds.
On the low china cabinet in my entry I almost always place this tree with my most favorite antique ornaments and the girls love our pastel glitter christmas houses. I must say though, at night, when the sun has gone down, this tree gives me much joy, and as I walk up the stairs each night, it makes my heart fill with joy and I hope that I am creating good memories for our girls.
May the joy and peace of the season fill your hearts and be with each and every one of you!


Diane said...

So simple yet so PRETTY!

Heavenly Chic Interiors said...

Sanya, Stunning as always. How are you my long lost friend? Sorry I haven't wrote sooner. I too am very new with the blog world and would like to have my blog updated too to reflect more of my taste. But I wanted to get it up and running anway. I can email seperately so we can catch up. Thank you so much for continuing to list my website XX When I figure out how to add sites under my blog, I would love to list your site!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us. I haven't even started my decorations. We were away at the Grandparents last week and I plan on decorating this weekend.

Hope to talk to you soon!

Cheers, Theresa

Becky said...

Sanya, your home is BEAUTIFUL! I decorate part of our home in pastels and the rest is red and green.....obviously our home doesn't flow very well during the holidays! Are the adorable white snowbabies/angels on your mantel vintage or were they purchased recently? I love them! I know how you feel about your foyer tree. My Mom gave me her ceramic tree years ago and every year I display fact, our 27 year old daughter still expects it to be displayed! It always gives me such a happy feeling when I put it up and turn the light on. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in CA.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi Sanya!
My boys were singing the same tune right after Thanksgiving dinner too...We have to cherish these moments now as I will miss the thought of them not wanting to help me decorate the tree...Funny I was in Target the other day and I heard the tiniest little voice saying mommy mommy mommy can we get this??? I turned to see the cutest little boy and thought to myself, oh how I remember my boys at that age like it was yesterday...I wish I could bring them back and rock them in my arms just one more time..Anyway, I'll have to wait for grandbabies :)
Love to you, Jo