Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Purest Justification

Today was much more hectic than most, my feet are killing me from being on them most of the day, but today was beyond meaningful as well. I recieved an amazing and very unexpected gift at a luncheon that was held in honor of the PTA presidents of our school district today. I was presented this letter from my two oldest daughters along with some other neat things, but the letter is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. You see I got a lot of heat and I mean A LOT of heat, from my friends and family for taking this position, and I know it was out of love, they all worry that I do too much, but how do you say no to the school principal and your kids? I can't when it comes to things like this. I know that there are a lot of you out there just like me, lots of irons in the fire, burning the canlde at both ends, but we do manage to get it all done, don't we? Sometimes it may not get done perfectly, but it gets done, and generally people are pleased. I want my children to grow up with a sense of responsibility to serve others and get a good warm feeling in their hearts when they do and hopefully they will pass that on for generations to come. I faxed this letter to my in-laws today and I can't wait for my mom to see it in the morning, I know she will not be able to read it without crying ( I cried all afternoon), and I don't think Charley will ever grumble under his breath about the time I spend on PTA stuff again after reading it when he gets home from work. The greatest gift was this letter and knowing that our girls wrote every word themselves, together (and without hurting eachother) and that it comes from their hearts and they are proud of their mom. Could you think of a better reason to be involved in your children's school? I can't! If you have a minute, click on the photo and read the letter, I am so blessed!!


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Wow Sanya, I have goose bumps! I know how hard you work for the school and to receive this Thank you letter from your own children speaks volumns about who you are as a person and mother. You have received the greatest gift of all in life. To be honored by your children.WOW
You must be so proud!

Debbie Barnett said...

Hi Sanya,

What a darling letter! Aren't you a proud Momma? :) Your daughters are adorable, you can tell they take a lot of pride in what you do for them. (Sometimes they will surprise us when we least expect it!) Thank you for sharing this letter with all of us.


Anonymous said...

Just read the letter from your girls how wonderful !! It made me tear up too.