Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Families Hero

Two weeks ago I had the honor of attending my brothers promotion ceremony at the Air Staff Command College in Montgomery, Alabama where he is the Vice Dean. He was promoted to Colonel, much to his and our families surprise. When he decided to go and get his doctorate a few years ago, everyone told him his chances of being promoted to Cololnel were slim to none if that was the path he would chose, but after much prayer with his wife and family, he knew it would be the right thing to do. He LOVES teaching and is so passionate, this we all knew about him, but there were so many things I learned on this special day, and the emotion has not yet left me, and most likely will not. My brother has served in the USAF for 25 years now, and he would have it no other way. Intelligence is his specialty and he travels a lot to Europe to teach at international military colleges, specializing in the teaching of ethics in war. He is on a comittee of high ranking military officials that is trying to figure out a way to end the war in Iraq in a peaceful manner, bringing home our troops safely, and has served in Iraq 3 times. He is my hero and I am so grateful to have heard all that I did on this most interesting and humbling day. You see, as a human, I have mostly seen him as my big brother. Someone I adore and look up to, someone who can seriously annoy me, and someone to vie for moms attention with, but I never knew ALL the things he does and has done. It was mind boggling! And standing in a long reception line with him and our family afterwards was even more surreal. At least 100 military men and women that I regard as heros congratulated us on our amazing brother. What an honor to shake each soldiers hand and thank them for their service to our country and for attending the ceremony. I am so grateful that I could drive there with my mom and youngest daughter & my sister also drove all the way from Missouri with one of her sons. Those three days were a gift that we will always treasure. My brother for all of his accomplishments is very modest, and quite humble. He is above all things a man of God, and a man devoted to his family with all of his being, an amazing father of 4 brilliant loving children. My true hero! As the holidays are upon us, I would hope that eveyone will take a moment and pray for the safety of all of our military personell around the world who are serving our country selflessly, and for their families as well, for many are not with their loved ones and are surely missing them dearly.
Nik and Veronica, Tom's youngest pinning Daddy!
Our sister Rada, Tom, and me.
Nik, Veronica, Jacqueline and Bryce.

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You made me cry! What a wonderful man your brother is. How proud you HAVE to be of him. I am so glad you got to see the other good sides of him! Amen on keeping our soldiers in our prayers.

Lou said...

Oh Sanya, just had to comment on your Brother's contribution as well as his families. In our Early Intervention progam I am working with a family who had a little girl born with Downs Syndrome and medical complications. Mom is a Nurse who was trained through the Military and Dad is a Marine. When Molly was 1 year old they were both deployed to IRAQ. We all thought Both would not go, because of Molly's needs. We work with Molly's grandparents who are caring for her while her parents are serving. They bring her to therapies every day in our program to help her meet her developmental milestones. I think we don't realize sacrifices that all the military families are making. I would like to send a collective hug to all of those families who are serving, away from their families. I know your Brother's hard work and dedication will bring a peaceful end to this war and bring our Mom's and Dad's home to their loved ones. love to you and your family, Louise, Ohio

Heather McGavran said...

Hi Sanya
Thank you for sharing your brothers story. It really touched my heart.
To all of the men & women in Iraq, I pray for there safe return home.

Merry Christmas
God Bless America

Heather McGavran

Barbara Jacksier said...

I really enjoyed reading about your brother. You have much to be proud about.

Tutti Chic said...

How proud you must be of your brother sanya! His dedication & contribution to this country is so admirable & so unselfish. A BIG THANK YOU to him and all who serve!Thank you for sharing with us~