Monday, September 3, 2007

Finding Space for a New Find

I came home from the flea market yesterday with this fabulous mirrored shadow box and was trying to figure out where I wanted to put it , because you see, I usually don't think about where I am going to put something when I am buying it, especially if I am super excited about finding it to begin with as was the case with this fantastic shadow box! At first I took it right upstairs to Valerie Jane's room, since I just renovated that one and I am trying to get the finishing touches done, but I really was feeling a tad jealous at the thought of it being in there (I know that is awful!) so I just hauled it back down the stairs and as I was doing that I looked over at the dining room and I knew what needed to be done! The shadow box is very heavy so we had to make sure that it went into studs and we used the appropriate hangers as well, so when all is said and done, I have a new place to display my favorite cups that are touched with pink as well as my favorite bisque lace babies. The change is refreshing and scale wise, the shadow box looks much better than the framed rose print, which now I must say looks marvelous hung in Valerie Jane's room, which I hope to be showing you sometime soon.


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