Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Charley!!!

So it is my gorgeous and beyond talented husbands 36th birthday today, and even though he offered, I could not let him work on my site tonight. We just finished a wonderful family dinner at our home and the girls are in the bath, so I am off to tend to mommy duty, but I wanted to share a photo of my true love with you (and one of Jacquleine dusting the cake as well). Now you can see where the girls get all of their good looks from!
Happy Birthday Charley!
I love you to the sun!
P.S. The home made chocolate bundt cake was to die for!!!


Becky said...

Tell Charley I said Happy Birthday.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Happy Birthday Charley!
Sanya that cake does look deliciuos! Wish I had a piece of that now...I dont care how late it is..LOL