Monday, September 17, 2007

Mom Moves to Kentucky!!

Okay, so if any of you have been wondering why I have not updated my blog in a while, I have a VERY good reason! My mom moved to KY on September 7th and I have spent all of the last 10 days shopping for new furnishings with her and helping her unpack, which we are nowhere near finished doing! We did manage to find some gorgeous pieces at the flea market yesterday, which was a ball, and I must say, having my mom with me again & being at the flea market with her was amazing! When I lived in CA, we would go together nearly every weekend, so this was really sentimental for me, especially after being away from her for the past 3 years. So she gave up her condo by the beach in gorgeous Santa Monica, CA and moved her to KY, 2 miles from our home, to be with us. I call that being blessed!
Her home is a beautiful ranch in a gorgeous neighborhood and when we have it all fixed up, I will post some photos for you all to see, but for now I must get myself into the basement to unpack all of the amazing TREASURES that I found yesterday, and pack up the orders from last week for my lovely ladies.
Have a gorgeous day!


Tutti Chic said...

Sanya~How wonderful to have your mom near you! Sounds like you had a blast looking for & finding things for her new home!:)

Alysa from Valencia said...

How exciting for you and the family Sanya .
I remember a few years back you mentioned the possibilty of you mom moving to Kentucky, and now it is a reality .
How much easier it will be to share the joys of everyday !

Enjoy each other

Alysa Rosen

Lori said...

how very wonderful to have your mother with you! the pictures of your home here are just gorgeous...and i love your website! i have a passion for pink myself, it really is the most wonderful of all the is nice too :)

Ashley said...

yay sanya! we love our mommies! i also tagged, hope you can join in! blessings!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Sanya, Im so happy to hear your mom is settling nicely into her gorgoues new home. It must be a blessed feeling to have her so close...
I cant wait to see the inside, if you have anything to do with the decorating it will be breathtaking!!!

Jennifer Froh said...

My parents live 2 miles from me too! It's wonderful to be able to be close, isn't it? I'm sure she's thrilled to be able to see her grandaughters more often! Her house is charming! I hope you'll post some pictures of the interior once she's all settled.