Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's All Coming Up Sunflowers

I had the honor of making 50 centerpieces for a gala at the historic round barn at the Red Mile Race Track here in Lexington Ky that had its opening race in 1875. The gala being held is a fund raiser for Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital of Lexington and although I do not have finished photos of everything completely set up, I thought that you might enjoy some of the beauty of the wonderful state that I am blessed to live in.

I received a phone call tonight during dinner from Dana, one of the event coordinators that hired me for the event telling me how happy she and the rest of the staff were. Sometimes simplicity is best. I am super big on lots of frills and pretty, but when they told me the setting and what their linens looked like, I knew it had to have a more "south of France" feel of simple elegance, and luckily they agreed. I was promised pictures of the event with everything completely set up, so when I receive them, I will post them as well.

I remember the days when a couple of my favorite magazines used to devote entire issues to blue and white, and even though my passion is pink, there is something clean and fresh about that color combination and when you throw in the yellow I realize why I love it so much, blue for the ocean and sky, white for the puffy clouds and yellow for the sun that lights our days.

Au revoir!


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Vintage Rose Collection said...

Oh My, ALL THE SUN FLOWERS! It looks incredible Sanya!

What a great theme too, The South of France.
Can't wait to see more...
Jo-Anne Coletti