Monday, September 24, 2007

The Cloche

There is something very elegant to me about the cloche. I just love placing something pretty and unexpected beneath them. Today I decided to take 3 of my favorite Dresden lace pieces that remind me of my girls and place them beneath with an antique pink linen doily. Pieces like this that can be moved around the house and displayed differently thrill me because I love to change things up and I never know what new treasure I will come across that I can play with! A cloche also works really well if you want to display something sentimental. One of my best friends Maggie, has a HUGE, cloche on a table in her bedroom with some of her late mothers treasures beneath it. Everything Maggie does is beautiful, her eye is amazing, although she will never admit it out loud. This vignette of her mothers treasures that she has always has and always will take my breath away.

Long gone are the days that a cloche was used for practical reasons! We are lucky that we live in a time that we can use them simply to display the things we love and add a touch of elegant whimsy to a room. So the next time that you are out hunting and you run across one of these lovely pieces, just stop and close your eyes and imagine all that you can do with it, then hurry up, buy it and get home to start having some fun!




Tutti Chic said...


Becky said...

I only have 1 cloche and I use it to cover a stack of tread that belonged to my Granny which was my great grandmother. I know that the tread is too weak to every use but I love having things from my family desplayed around me. Now if only I could find some more cloches I would have them everywhere. LOL

Lori said...

i love cloches too, have for a while...i think they look so wonderful with little displays under them, so sweet...i don't have any of course...they are on my very long to buy list :)