Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bragging Rights

Okay, I know all of us mom's like to brag about our kids now and again, but this time I think my bragging will be truly justified! Our oldest daughter Victoria, aka Tori, who is 10 1/2 ( I have to say that) decided that she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love. After seeing some pictures of little girls with cancer that have lost their hair sitting in their hospital beds, she thought it would be a good thing to do. Now I have to tell you that her goal in life is to be a STAR, and I capitalize that because she really means it. Drama Queen is what she is through and through, an excellent and very talented actress, and a tad vain as well. She LOVED her long hair. It was part of her identity and she was terrified that she would be made fun of tomorrow when she goes back to school and that she would possibly "look like a 2 year old", and when she saw herself when the ponytail was cut off she even cried, which completely broke my heart. But in the end when all was done, she knew she did the right thing and most of all she felt good about it. Today when we were in Target a complete stranger walked up to her and told her that she loved her hair and that she looked like a model. She was thrilled to say the least. Below is a photo of her & her new do, the after shot if you will.

To say that I am proud would be an understatement. I always say that what matters most to me as a mother is to raise good, caring, loving children that will grow up to be amazing women that love and care for others, especially those in need that they may not even know.
I think we are off to a great start!
If you have any similar stories, I would love to hear them, go ahead and brag!
All my best,


Shawn ~ Eclectic Whimsy said...

She looks adorable in her new 'do and you definitely have reason to be proud. What a sweetheart. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. :)

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

What a beautiful way for your daughter to start off the year. You must be so proud! ~Stacy~

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Sanya ~ That is just a precious story ~ she looks adorable with her new haircut ~
Lori :o)

Amos said...

What we teach our children is what's the MOST important - and the reflections of the gift from your daughter's heart is evident she's been taught well. Great job, mom.


Tutti Chic said...

HE "new" haircut is adorable & what a completely unselfish thing to do! I think you are on your way to raising some amazing girls! Happy New Year & thank you for the kind words on the "new look" of my blog Sanya! :) chris

Heavenly Chic Interiors said...

What a sweet story...what beautiful hair and heart! I tried sending an email but couldn't get through. I can try again? Just wanted to catch up on going ons etc. Try and email when you get a

Anonymous said...

2I love her hair !!! My neice has brain cancer she is 5yrs old and has lost all of her hair ,seeing your daughter cutting her hair for a geat cause warms my heart please tell her thank you from me you have a wonderful young lady there !!! Bonnie Hess

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Such a touching story Sanya! Your daugther is beautiful, inside and out; and very mature for her age may I add...As the old saying goes, The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree;
A mother's proudest moment to raise a loving, caring soul as you have...

Tracie said...

This is heart-warming. You're daughter's a sweetheart. The new haircut is darling and she helped someone so very much - you go girl!

Daughter's are great fun!