Friday, October 26, 2007

Something New For My Office

I found this fabulous display cabinet at the flea market last weekend and I was so excited because I needed something to store all of my china that I have for sale on the website in. I like having it in my office so that when I sell something I can just label it right away. The cabinet was in its original state of a dated dark wood when I saw it and I said out loud to my mom, "just imagine how beautiful all of the details will be when I paint this piece white!" The gentelman who was selling it about fell over and said he would not sell it to me if I was going to do that and his wife promptly told him to walk away and cover his ears because she was taking the cash! He turned out to be very sweet & made my promise to take a picture for him so he could see how it turned out. It is perfect for this space and I have been searching for the past 2 years for just the right piece, so I am thrilled.

The other wonderful thing about this piecce is that the stunning painting my mother in law painted for my for my birthday this past summer looks marvelous hung over it and I get to look at it all day while working from my desk. I fell so blessed and very loved being given something so priceless. The painting even has a portrait of my oldest daughter from when she was younger in it and it is tiltled "A Study in Whites". I could not imagine anything more perfect!



Vintage Rose Collection said...

Sanya, It looks awesome white...Great job! That painting is breathtaking too...What a cherished keepsake...

Tutti Chic said...

The piece & the artwork are both gorgoeus sanya! I've read about your mother-in-law & saw her in a magazine a long time ago! Nice job on the piece for your office!:)

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Oh Sanya, Your new blog design is really beautiful!!! Shawn really captured the beauty of your many talents we've all enjoyed for so many years! Its perfect!