Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer's Sweet Ending

I must admit that I always look forward to fall each year. I love the cooler nights and the anticipation of the turning leaves and crisp mornings. I will miss the days at the pool with our girls, (for those who ask why, pools are only open here in the "south" from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and the sun in the pools heater. Unheard of for a native Californian, but I am getting use to it), and the "freedom" of summer, but I am so glad that they are back in school and on a bedtime schedule and that the sun is setting earlier each day. This a picture of the sunset Sunday evening from our backyard. The girls love sunset, and posing even more, can you tell?
Another thing I love about summer winding down? It's football time. I love football. I grew up going to every UCLA sporting event as a child. It was such an fun thing, one of my fondest memories of family time, is tailgating with our friends that held season tickets as well. My mom worked for a bank in Westwood, CA for 20 years and handled all of UCLA's athletics, so my brother and I really felt the perks of that. We got to meet and spend quality time with incredible athletes, many of whom went pro in different sports, so needless to say, staying up late to watch Rick Neuheisel, who often ate dinners at our home while he was quaterback at UCLA, lead the Bruins to a win last night, is worth being very sleepy today. Our girls love football too, so going to the UK games with them is fun as well. I hope that they can grow up with some of the same sweet memories that I know my brother and I did.
Lastly, I have been busy creating lately. I made these mosaics for the website and I will hopefully be posting them sometime this week in the In The Pink Exclusives category. I had so much fun with these, and I am so happy to be using some of my broken china pieces that I have not been able to bring myself to throw away. Ugh, I can barely write those last two words.....

Well, I hope you are all looking forward to fall with sweet thoughts and saying goodbye to summer with a smile knowing that there are good memories to be made in the months to come.



emily said...

What a great picture of your girls and the sunset! I too am excited for fall, all the yummy scents and eatting apples!

Cathy said...


These are absolutely gorgeous.

xo Cathy