Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family Milestones & Memories

Well, this is truly a milestone, my last baby is off to elementary school. Can you believe it? Those are our 3 precious girls getting ready to leave for their first day of school yesterday. Victoria started Middle School, Jacqueline, Kindergarten & Spanish immersion no less where she will learn in Spanish half the day, and Valerie Jane, sweet as pie, a seasoned pro going into the 3rd grade! It was a tough morning for Mom & Jacqueline....

Thank God for big sisters who hug and console their little sisters who are very nervous and are not "too good" to be seen at elementary school with their little sisters on the first day...what a blessing!
Valerie Jane gets right to work!
This is my stunning cousin Heidi & my gorgeous uncle Bernard. Heidi got married this past weekend in Seattle. I took Victoria & we had an amazing mother-daughter tip. Our family is very close and I could not imagine not being there to see Heidi get married, so I thought I would share some photos with you. It wound up pouring at the time of her photos and they had to reschedule the wedding from Magnolia Park which is breathtaking, to the site of their reception, The Fairmont Omni Hotel, which was to die for amazing! Heidi never fussed and you would never had known that it was pouring rain, she was just beaming the entire time!
These are Heidi's sisters Tanya & Simone & my Aunt Marilyn. I think that they are just all stunning!
Another wonderful part of the trip was that we got to spend so much quality time with my cousins, & since we stayed at Simone's home we were able to spend a lot of time with her daughter Presley as well who just ADORED Victoria and pretty much followed her everywhere she went. It was so precious and sweet, it melted my heart!

This a the beach on the Puget Sound where we went to play for a while one day.
Simone & Victoria at the Seattle Center Park on the Log Ride...
Victoria & I at the Rock & Roll Museum & Sci-Fi Museum at the Seattle Center
Yep, we went up in the Space Needle & the view is below...

It was magnificent, and so hard to choose just one photo. We loved our trip to Seattle so much, we will have to take the whole family for a vacation next time, but these are milestones & moments we will surely never forget!
I hope you enjoyed them!


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Hey Sanya! I love the picture of big sister hugging little sister on first day of school. That picture is priceless! And little sister will never forget that either. Thanks for touching my heart strings today. have a good one.


emily said...

What nice pictues of the girls! My husband was just in Seattle, I would like to visit there sometime soon. Your cousin looked beautiful! Love the veil she had!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Your daughters are precious! They look so beautiful and all grown up now.. I loved the photo of Victoria consoling her baby sister. What a beautiful loving family you've raised Sanya...You must be so proud of them..
Love to you sweet friend,

Tutti Chic said...

What touching photos Sanya! your girls are sweet & adorable! hope their year is a great one~
My sister lived kin Seattle & loved it so much. The wedding looks elegant & your family is gorgeous! xo chris

Barbara Jacksier said...

What a lovely post. My son just graduated from UCLA and is planning to attend games this year. He is staying on YOUR coast (at least for now) as he has a job as a web developer in Marina del Rey.