Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Raindrops on Roses....

Okay, so I know you are thinking, what the hec does the title of this blog entry have to do with the stunning crown in the photo??? Well, let me tell you! Last night we had severe storms and had to take the girls down to the basement at 1:30am and had to stay down there for nearly an hour. So being a good mom (at least that is what I tell myself) I am keeping calm and chipper so I don't scare our girls any more than they already are. The Sound of Music is one of our families all time favorite movies, so I kept thinking of the song, but I wanted to replace words with "stunning hand made crowns with pink and aqua feathers, soft silky ribbons, and stars made of shaved silver that sparkle in the light..." I know it does not make a whole lot of sense, but it made my happy.

My friend Holly from Holly Doodle Designs custom made this magnificent crown by hand for me. ALL of her treasures are custom one of a kind pieces, true works of art, and I also look at them as heirlooms. I am so in love with this magical piece that I keep it on a shelf behind me in the office, and sometimes when no one is home, I take it down and wear it when I am working at the computer. I am going to eventually order 2 more so that each of our girls will have one for their own. I think I will give it to them on the day they move out of the house. I am sentimental that way, I think of weird things to do when they grow up years from now, but they are my life, and I hope that they will grow up knowing that and feeling that love always.
Holly uses all vintage pieces, like the brooches, and vintage velvet flowers that she hand embellishes with crystals.
The stars on this crown are made from shaved sterling silver and will age with time, even the ribbon she uses on her crowns are simply the best.

You can see more of Holly's incredible designs & creations by visiting her website & blog at Holly Doodle Designs You will LOVE everything you see.



holly doodle designs said...

Oh Sanya, you're so sweet. I am so so happy that you love your tiara! I love that you love the details as much as I do. It's the details that get me! I love that song too. I'm sorry your family had the scare of that tornado. Being in Oklahoma it's always a fear for us too. And, I'm SOOO sentimental, to the point of craziness! I love that you are too! Problem is, I have sons, no daughters. They are NOT interested in vintage millinery, swarovski crystals, or rhinestone brooches! LOL... Oh well... xoxo

Tutti Chic said...

How scary for you & your girls but thank god mom kept her cool & made things all good! that crown is absolutely the sweetest~so many pretty things embellishing it! The sound of music is my favorite movie of all time so I can relate to your title & the comfort of that song~so happy all is well where you live now sanya! :) chris

Tracie said...

Oh my gosh, I think I found another new favorite. Your blog is beautiful. I'm visiting from Jo-Anne's beautiful blog and her blessing candle.

I love it here. So, so pretty.

Thanks for sharing, Sanya ~ what style!

Happy day!