Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meet Me in St. Louis

Our family traveled to St. Louis this past weekend to Celebrate my baby sisters 30th birthday which was February 17th, and it was just sooo much fun!
We actually celebrated all weekend long, and I thought that you all might enjoy hearing about all of the fun things that we did, so here we go...Friday night we drove out to Alton, IL and experienced the legend of Fast Eddies Bon Air, and it did not dissapoint us at all. It was great people watching and the food was incredible & cheap! I even got to dance with Charley, but I could not get my sister out on the dance floor, not matter how hard I tried. If you are ever in the area, you just have to go, it was great! The next morning we arose a bit tired, to say the least, but onward we went! We took all 6 kids to the Magic House, which is St. Louis' childrens hands on science museum, then Charley took the 5 older kids home (we took pity on him and kept the 2 year old with us) so my sister & I could have some girl time. We headed straight to Jilly's Cup Cake Bar at the loop for a light lunch & dessert. All I can say is WOW! I had an incredible bowl of veggie soup and a TO DIE for carrot cup cake. I thought I was in heaven. Then we were off to go antiquing and have another wonderful treat...
We were lucky enough to meet up with Elizabeth Maxson, woman extrordinaire, who I so admire! I am sure that many of you know her through her various features in Romantic Homes Magazine, but her talents go so far beyond that, so make sure that you take the time to check ut her blog. Her talents are truly amazing and she is beyond sweet, it was so fun to spend time with her. It was extremely generous of her to make time to take us to some great shops where I was able to find some fabulous treasures for my website. Just talking shop with Elizabeth is invigorating! Rada and I had just enought time to go home & shower and get ready for dinner with our husbands at Maggiano's where we ate LOTS of delicious food. The next morning, Rada's actual birthday, we went to Church and then Rada and I were off to mall to do some damage, it was so fun!!!
Later that night we were off to Bingo with lots of other family members, (don't laugh, it is what she really wanted to do) & we had a lot of fun. She won once and so did Charley & I.

Needless to say, by Monday morning when we left, we were all beat, but we made a lot of great memories and I am so grateful to have my sister in my life and live close enough that we can get in the car and be there in 5 to 6 hours. Our children adore eachother and it breaks my heart when they are sad faced at the thought of saying good bye to one another. There is nothing like family & I am glad that they can feel that at their young age, and I hope they never forget it.

I hope you enjoyed my visit to St. Louis, it is a great city with so much to do, so if you ever find yourself there, I hope you will try some of the fun places I mentioned!.


Heavenly Chic Interiors said...

The power of family is awesome. My sister just moved within 6 hours from me so I look forward to seeing her more. I miss her living 20 minutes away :(

Definitely a bonus to meet Elizabeth in person too, she rocks! I am sure the two of you togehter the ideas were just flying.

Looking forward to your new goodies from the Atlanta Show.


holly doodle designs said...

Ooooh, sounds so fun, Sanya! Happy birthday to your sweet sister!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sanya,

I am JUST now getting to blogging about our visit! You are way better than I am about being on top of things! I didn't want you to think that meeting you wasn't special, because it was VERY special to me and I admire your ability to market, sell, and stay personal with your customers - that takes true talent and a lot of business know-how....thanks for sharing part of your visit with me!