Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is It Just Me???

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like I am constantly fighting a never ending battle to get our girls to put their things away where they belong, and quite frankly, they just seem too old now not to be able to do it themselves & do it properly while they are at it! Below is a photo of the desk in our kitchen where the girls do homework, crafts, draw, work on the computer, etc. and I am sure that many of you may just pass out from the sight, but I am secretly hoping that I am not alone in this struggle. And dealing with this mess while our home is in the state that it is from the construction....
like this photo below with two rooms combined into one, I am feeling a bit unnerved at any mess, even if it is a pair of shoes that haven't been put away, or a folder that belongs in a backpack or Barbie's that didn't make it back upstairs.

I feel like a new person now that I bit the bullet and cleaned up the mess myself. I will tell you honestly that I am going to iron fist the girls with a serious guilt trip talking to when they get home as well as bit of fear thrown it for good measure. All 3 girls always just love how pretty everything looks when it is clean and organized, but then they can't seem to bring themselves to put the markers, pencils, scrap paper, coloring books, etc. back where they belong, no matter how many containers I put on the desk for them, so I am not sure what the answer is!

In the mean time, I think I will just enjoy this space for the way it is for today, because I know that for today, it will be clean, pretty, and organized, and who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Sending you clutter free wishes,


Stephenie said...

You're not alone. I was just saying the same thing about my family making a mess. I blogged for a little, and attempted to start cleaning my shabby pig pen.(Haha). Still have a long way to go until I'm done. I guess it's a never ending battle.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

LOL!!!! You are not alone. The girls will begin to clean up after themselves to your standard once they have THEIR OWN place :-).
Been there, done that with my soon to be 27 year old daughter, doing it again with my 12 year old daughter.

Cherub Kisses Boutique said...

Oh sweetie your not alone...although I'm surprised since I have all boys ... I thought it was a boy thing {that makes me feel a little better LoL! }
I have gone on strike many days, taken pictures and even made wallpaper on the computer for them to see {just in case they haven't seen in real time LoL! } I always end up doing myself if I want it done properly...a most frustrating feat. Not sure what the answer is either :o/
Your tidy space looks really pretty though **smiles**

Tutti Chic said...

I think girls are messier than boys sanya!lol! At least my two were so much more than my organized son. They usually start to keep a clean, organized home when they are on their own (at least this was the case with me & both my girls!LOL):) chris

Vintage Rose Collection said...

I love the reality of this post Sanya..They are creative minds at work, and the more creative they are the messier it can be..Please don't fret, as you are not alone in this desperate attempt for order in the house. I have to laugh tho, because you are doing what I do..After you talk until your blue in the face,I just DO IT MYSELF! We have to hope they will learn by our good examples..And it will sink in, but usally that doesnt happen until until they are out of the house least thats what my mom said about me..LOL....but better late then never right..
Keep up the good work sweet friend!

Amy W. said...

Don't worry kitchen desk looks the same way but I can only blame MYSELF!! However, thanks for posting this as it has given me inspiration to go right out there and tackle it! The key will be to KEEP it that way....*sigh* - why does it seem impossible to do that???? lol

Forever Vintage said...

Oh I hear ya. I have an almost 9 yr old who I am after every day to put her things away. My 2 older ones are so clean and tidy almost always (and one is a boy!) But my dear sweet Haylee is a little pig pen for sure. I just can't get her to put things away. glad to hear I'm not alone!

Chelsea Ling said...

3 girls.. wow!

BTW - the thing about cleaning up to your standards when they have their own place is true - take it from me, hehe.

Tony and Julee Huy said...

We have 4 boys and 1 8 year old girl. There is something about the girl mess that is just... messier! She doesn't just have a lightsaber like the boys, she has paper and pens and tablets, and shoes and fabric and books and on and on. It is a never ending battle to get her stuff organized and keep it that way! I can't imagine having 3 girls! :)