Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seeing Things Clearly

I want to start by saying Happy New Year to everyone and to wish you a year of good health and happiness with all the love you can imagine. I truly believe that those three things give us true wealth in our lives, so it is what I genuinely wish for all of you.

As I was taking down the Christmas decorations in our home over the past two days, (with my moms help, thank you very much) I started to get excited about how I would rearrange all of my pretties (others without a sickness call them "accessories"). You see, every year when I take down our Christmas decor, I like to put things back in different places. I love the change and having fresh things to look at, even though I have had some of my pieces forever, seeing them somewhere else makes them feel new again. When everything was finally gone and put away and I started to take out my "pretties", I could not help but want a sense of simplicity, at least somewhere, and that is when it hit me. I took several of my glass pieces, old and new and put them on my linen chest in the dining room, and I really love it. It has that clean Swedish decor look, and for a while I am just going to leave it that way and enjoy the simplicity of it all......

Here's to seeing things clearly in '09!
With warmest blessings,

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Chelsea Ling said...

oh i love cloches! so jealous