Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Romantic Wedding Flowers

I thought I would share some photos with you of the flowers I recently did for a wedding this month. The bride was looking for romance with an antique touch. For her bouquet above I used garden spray roses. They have a ruffled romantic petal and the open up into lots and lots of layers, so they are perfect to use in wedding arrangements an bouquets. I also used a rose called Costa Rica, it is a huge ivory rose with stunning soft pink tips, and I also added Queen Anne's Lace for a finishing touch of laciness and romance.

All of the brides maids in this wedding were thin and pretty tiny, so she wanted to have bouquets that reflected them and their dresses as well. She also wanted each bouquet to have a vintage brooch like hers, so that they could have a gift from her special day. The roses I used for the brides maids had a darker deeper pink on the tips to pull out the color that was inside their dresses.
The altar arrangements were really huge, so hopefully when the photos come back from the photographer you get get a better look at how lovely they truly were. There is a close up below...
These smelled absolutely heavenly and were also used at the wedding reception on the fireplace mantles.

There were two door arrangements on the inside of the church and then they were at the reception as well.

The sweetheart table....

The dining room.....

I just LOVED this idea! Instead of having one large wedding cake, the bride ordered 5 different varieties of cake from my fried Julie of Julia's Desserts. Not only was the table stunning, but the guests LOVED their dessert!!!

I thought this was a sweet touch. The grand piano was covered with a table cloth that the bride's grandmother who had passed away had given her, as well as her grandmothers favorite hat. It was such a sweet and thoughtful touch.
I hope you enjoyed the photos & I will post more as soon as I get them from the wedding photographer.


Suzie Button said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Stunning! I love too that the bride had the sentimental touch with her grandmother's cloth and hat, I'll look for more pics this week! Suzie

Lori said...

I love the rhinestone brooches on the flower bouquets. Beautiful!!

Fleur de Bee said...

Beautiful!! What a memorable touch you added to everything. LOVE the cake idea too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Flowers Philippines said...

Well, I definitely agree with you there, those flowers were so romantic. I love them all. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!