Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I don't know if any of you other mom's with kids still in the home suffer from this too, but there are days that I just can't take it. It seems as if the moment everything is back where it is supposed to be, it just gets messed up, and walked away from without the slightest thought. The once orderly and ever so pretty home no longer exists. Seeing the mess downstairs today just hit me harder than normal and I knew that I needed to do something to get myself motivated to organize my own things before giving the lecture when the girls get home and have to pick up their stuff and fix the messes they have made. I decided to do a little bit of "self help therapy" and reorganize my ribbons. As you can see, they were a mess, although I did try to organize them, the baskets I had were the wrong size, so when I happened upon some pretty new ones, I knew that they would be perfect for the task, so I turned on the TV to AMC and listened to an old western with Donna Reed while I worked, and then another with a young & quite sexy Clint Eastwood. It was great!
cozy blankets on the floor and area rug mushed up.....
Play Station & games left out on floor with random artwork & Jacqueline's vanilla milk cup from the morning....
my spring & Easter decorations are still out, help!
kitchen table is a total mess, I won't even show you the dining room table, it is too embarrassing!
Finished ribbon organization! Hurray!
I got this idea to use this shabby old tool box for my ribbon remnants from my friend Holly over at and I LOVE it!
This basket tray is shallow, so it was perfect for my smaller rolls of ribbons
I use this box for the ribbons I use most when gift wrapping, the other larger basket I used for my thick rolls of specialty ribbons and the medium basket I used for all my rolls of tulle that I use mostly for wedding flowers. I really felt great when I was done, and I was able to get the kitchen table cleaned up and the dining room table is almost done. Lord only know when I will get to the "spring" decorations with this week and next being the last of the school year, but I know its not going anywhere, and hopefully, neither am I!

By the way, it worked, I feel better!



Sandi said...

Oh I can relate from years ago! Now I watch my 1 year old granddaughter one day a week and oh my! How I had forgotten...she is like a mini hurricane! ( But an OH SO CUTE one!) I follow her around and put back what she throws all over the place. :) She just loves my pretties and so I put several things up on the table when she is here , but I wouldn't trade these days for the world!

Tracy Uranga said...

Hello my friend!

OMG! You have no idea as to how much better you made me feel by posting the blog where your home has gone to hell in a handbasket!!! I thought I was the only loser that can no longer maintain a clean and orderly home. I laughed aloud at your captions under the pictures and honestly, Sanya, it made me feel so much better, you cannot even imagine. My horribly messed up home hit me especially hard this morning as well and after feeling futile and hopeless all day, along with a stress headache, I take comfort that there is another thwarted housekeeping attempt to match mine. You just made my entire evening, my love! Thank you , thank you, thank you! Now I am off to say the hell with it all, it will still be there tomorrow and I will wholeheartedly enjoy my glass of wine this evening. I love you to pieces!!


Jillian said...

I know how you feel about things getting "messed up" ... I have step children...but mostly it is my dear hubby and I!

I love your ribbon collection.


holly abston said...

Oh, it all looks so fantastic, Sanya! Now you're inspiring me to get back to finishing the job I started. I want to get everything organized. My 5 yr old son told me the other day that if his closet looked like mine, he would be grounded. Ack! Not a good example!

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Well I'm glad to know other people's homes get that way too! I have a 7 year old, and a husband,(Just Imagine)

Hey Sanya, I'm having a "give-away" on my blog, please check it out.



Vintage Rose Collection said...

Sanya, Sweetheart, your little angels are mild to what two teenage boys can do to a white house..And they are now wanting to creatively cook their own food.. AHHH! Its a nightmare in the kitchen...
Im glad we're all in the same messy boat..
Have a fabulous long weekend, AND, NO CLEANING!!!!

Onya said...

Sanya...My house looks like that on a daily basis!!! Its nice to see you are like the rest of us and not some Wonder Woman we all must aspire and fail to be. Funny how we all think one thing when its really something else. You are not alone....I too have given up and said to heck with it all. It would be nice for the house to stay all perfect and clean...but that is not really living is it?!?! Hugs from Cali....Onya ;)

Cheryl in So Cal said...

I'm so glad you were brave enough to actually post pictures of your house when it is looking less than spectacular! I thought I was the only woman who had days like that. Mine are usually right after the weekend is done because everyone in the family is home all weekend. My every Monday morning ritual is see the children off to school & hubby off to work & start CLEANING!
Thank you Sanya for being brave enough to share most womens dirty little secret - a slightly messy but much loved & lived in home!

Susie said...

Hi Sayna! I enjoyed seeing what you do with your ribbon spools. I am an avid collector/user of beautiful ribbons and have them scattered all over in every room. You inspired me to gather them up and let them show themselves off!
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose