Monday, April 28, 2008

Sharing Natures Gifts

I think some of you may think that I am a bit obsessive about spring this year, but FYI, I am like that all of the time, I just LOVE flowers, and my garden! This is the front yard of our home, at least part of it, and I wanted to show you how pretty it looks with the petals falling off of the crab apple trees and the bulbs blooming. We have so may walkers in our neighborhood and I love to see their faces when they are on thier way past our home and the smiles on their faces as they enjoy the garden, and if we are out in the yard, most can't help but say something kind regarding it. My hyacinth's have had their day and are no longer bloomed, I wish I had photographed it then, but I did some close ups for you of what is left, so enjoy!
A pair of pretty pale pink tulips with wide open white behind them and peony tulips in the back, don't you just love the petals on the ground!
Blooming branches look gorgeous in a vase, so if you are trimming your trees, bring them indoors and enjoy them. I even made some arrangements for some of my neighbors and they were just thrilled!
I am so in LOVE with these peony tulips, I can hardly wait to buy more bulbs this fall!
My nod to the sea, it will always be in my heart!
These muscari are so pretty, they are always the first to bloom, and they last so long. These are so pretty in a bud vase in a large bunch, and look so lovely on a nightstand.
These white daffodils look so pure, and I am enjoying their late bloom.
This row of pretty tulips is on the other side of our yard, and they are so tall and gorgeous, the colors are spectacular!
A peek inside....
Our lawn looks as if there has been a light snow, and most likely by the end of the week, this will all be gone, and the blooms will be replaced by healthy bright green leaves, but for now, we are just happy to enjoy these gorgeous gifts of nature, and I hope you have as well.


Holly said...

Oh, now that is just LOVELY! and that orangy colored tulip is SPECTACULAR! I'm sure you do brighten people's day when they pass in front. How could you NOT! Happy Spring!

Scheharazade said...

Your garden is so kawai, a real fairy tale !!^^

Tutti Chic said...

your front yard looks SO pretty sanya! LOVE the peony tulips~LOVE EVERYTHING for that matter-everything looks magnificent! :)chris